Legal notices



We will maintain the privacy of the user, in accordance with the provisions of the Use Policies for the use of our platform.


At erosface we are subject to the laws of privacy in web environments in force in Europe. Messages that have not been encrypted can only be reviewed by the platform, in the event that complaints weigh on them.


Otherwise, the privacy of our members and the confidentiality of messages and conversations is completely guaranteed.


Terms of use and enjoyment of erosface accounts


To access the erosface services, either the free plan or the Premium services, the user needs to create an account.

1.- The user must keep their password and data that they do not wish to share publicly or with third parties confidential.

2.- The user will have a free decision to use her identity or pseudonyms. What you should provide is a contact email, which is verifiable.

3.- erosface services are available to a diverse audience, except minors.

4.- The company, in faithful compliance with current legal requirements, will unrestrictedly request users to agree to read and accept the site’s use policies, before proceeding to browse.

5.- erosface will ask users who make use of the services of the website, to read and review the conditions of use of the page, to have clarity in the code and regulations of user conduct.

6.- We reiterate that we do not investigate or keep confidential information of our users, nor is it shared with third parties (except service providers) nor will additional information to that provided by members be investigated, under any circumstances, at their will.

7.- Accounts that are found to have been created by minors, under false information, will be immediately deleted. The company will not be held responsible for the use of the platform by a person who deceitfully wants to commit criminal offenses that include some type of sexual violence against the minor.

8.- The company cannot be held responsible for false personal information that is provided by members, while using the platform. For this reason, the user must take security precautions, if she wishes to physically meet another member of our community.

9.- The company will not assume any type of responsibility for actions of any kind that may be committed by any of its members, during appointments arranged through erosface.


Terms and conditions of admission


All erosface. users must clearly indicate that they accept our terms and conditions of use.


The user who refuses to accept our conditions or policies of use, will have limited access to our platform.


The user of erosface. will state that they accept the conditions of use and the security policies by clicking on the box where they are requested (I accept the policies of erosface.)


Standards of Conduct


The users of the erosface. platform undertake to strictly comply with the laws and regulations established in this document, in our privacy policies and in the current Law.


Users must be of legal age, in accordance with the provisions of these regulations.

Each member of erosface. agrees to abstain from any type of discrimination based on gender, age, ethnicity, social group, race, color, origin, nationality, sexual orientation or religion.

The erosface. platform may not be used for purposes other than those established by the site. It will not be used for commercial, political, business, financial compensation or any type of prostitution.


Users must fully respect the privacy rights of other members of the community.

The publication of any content that infringes the security of others, violates their privacy, or exposes them publicly without their prior consent will be prohibited.


Any attitude of some members of erosface. that infringes the laws in force in the European community, copyright, trademark rights, intellectual property rights, publicity rights or the regulations established in the civil code is inadmissible.


The publication of obsessive, oppressive, abusive, defamatory content, or that incites physical or sexual violence will be restricted.


The disclosure of content that promotes the use of illegal or harmful substances will be prohibited. The same thing that reiterates the prohibition to promote lewd, obscene or abusive acts that threaten life.


Posting and disclosing personal information of any other member without their prior consent, including their contact information, is prohibited unless authorized.


The company reserves the right to erase, eliminate or hide any information that it considers inappropriate or in violation of the internal rules of navigation on the platform.


Content reviews of the site are constantly being carried out, to guarantee faithful compliance with the laws of use and enjoyment of the Internet network.


Users may freely report what they consider “abuse” or “non-compliance” by the company, making use of the legal channels for submitting claims.


Users may report, through internal communication channels for claims and complaints, the inappropriate or abusive attitude of any other member, which will lead to the opening of an investigation process.


Any user is free to file against another a lawsuit for violation of these rules, which if proven could mean the closure of their account at erosface


Thus, the company reserves the right to review the internal content shared by its members, in order to ensure that they comply with current regulations.


Insults, degrading accusations or public disputes between members of the web community will not be allowed. They may be eliminated by the platform, if it is found that they do not comply with the rules of use and enjoyment of erosface


Conditions of access in erosface

The platform will ask members for a login name and a secret password.

By registering you will become an active member of the erosface community. In this sense, you will be asked to read the policies and conditions of use and accept them to enjoy the services of the network.


All the data provided by the user will be published on their profile, so the information they wish to share and make public will be the sole responsibility of the user. The company is not responsible for damages caused in this particular.


Both the user name to be established, as well as the password, will be confidential information of the user, the company will not be able to alter them in any way. The members must also keep it secret and ensure the care of their confidential information.


No member of the community may use the username of another member, or try to guess their password. This offense will be considered as an attack on the privacy of the users.


Note: The total or partial breach of the terms of use and rules established in this document will be considered faults of the user and could lead to the cancellation of their membership, without prejudice to the responsibility that the user has incurred as a use of their name. .


The disclosure of their own confidential information will be the direct responsibility of the member. The company will not be responsible for data shared by the same user in their profile, or within the communities.


We do our best to prevent fraud when our members share false personal information. But we cannot be held responsible for them.


Inactive accounts for more than 6 months will be deleted, without prior notice to the member.


Payment terms


The member can buy a “Premium” membership in erosface, if he wishes and without obligations.


Membership will give you access to the product or products requested, according to the conditions contemplated by this membership. You will only become members in the services for which you have previously subscribed and canceled.


You will be able to permanently access your payment histories and the information that you may wish to request for your cancellation of subscription.


The prices indicated in our promotions include local taxes for payment on web platforms. However, it does not include the discount for commissions.


The company reserves the right to modify the cost of the services. If the user does not agree, they will be free to modify their membership or delete it.

If for any reason any member subscribed to our Premium services decides to stop canceling the cost of the services they enjoy, we reserve the right to eliminate their membership, or to dispense with the contract, without prior notice, until the cancellation occurs.


The company could establish a reasonable period to study cases of delay in cancellation, in the opinion of the company, and complying with current legislation. Likewise, delinquent debts could be remitted to a company specialized in collections for the purposes of debt recovery, which could lead to an increase on the debt, due to late fees or delinquency.


The user will also have the right to prove that the balance owed to him is not really pending, or is less than that which has been attributed to him.


The company reserves the freedom to offer subscribers, from time to time, new promotions associated with the services they enjoy and improvements in the service they receive.


General rules for publishing events:


-Product announcements must be located in the category announcements or events


-The form requested in the link publish events must be filled out completely.


-Categories and sections must be used correctly.


-Advertisers must be of legal age.


-The use of nicknames or pseudonyms in the registration process or publication of advertisements on the platform will not be considered a legal offense.


-It is not allowed to use fictitious emails to publish an advertisement or third party accounts without prior authorization.


-Events must be published in upper and lower case


-By the time of publication, the services being promoted must be available


-The phone number or email should not be included outside of the fields explicitly provided to include this information.


-It is not allowed to advertise something generic and without contact information.


-The use of keywords not related to the advertisement (“Keyword Spamming”) will be penalized.


-It is not allowed to use systems or tools for the publication or massive and / or automatic renewal of advertisements, which will be immediately detected by the provider and will be sanctioned.


-It is strictly forbidden to copy, process or distribute the text and / or photos or images of third parties without their prior authorization.


-The service provider reserves the right to periodically remove advertisements and also to remove them for any of the reasons specified herein.


The advertiser must provide valid data to be contacted by those interested in the service. erosface reserves the right to erase or eliminate invalid, false or non-accurate or real information.


Under the category of advertisements, the advertiser will be solely responsible for everything he publishes, for his actions and for any damage that he may cause.


erosface if necessary and in strict compliance with the Law, must deliver part to the authorities to which there is room for any information that is required within the legal framework in the investigation of damages to third parties.


In no way will erosface be responsible for what an advertiser may publish.


Likewise, as service providers we are not directly or indirectly responsible for the content transmitted by event advertisers, erosface does not participate in its preparation, nor is it aware of the illegality of these.


As service providers, we reserve the absolute right to erase or eliminate information provided by an advertiser that may cause harm to third parties in violation of the Law. The provider may eliminate or block accounts of people who violate the privacy policies of the site.


In the event that erosface receives a complaint for an alleged copyright infringement or has evidence through a complaint of the publication of false data, in an advertisement it may request documentation from the user in accordance with the Law.


Every advertiser must commit to using the erosface publishing service respecting the following considerations:


The Law or any other rules of the applicable legal system.


These Terms of Use.


The Publication Rules.


Good manners.


Public order.


Likewise, all advertisers will be fully responsible for the source of the data they provide. He must be responsible for photos and location data that he makes public of his own will, by virtue of which the service provider dissociates himself from any information provided by the advertiser in the advertisement.


It will be illegal to incur, through the use of the website, any crime included in the Penal Code or in any other regulation. Any crime described and typified in current Law such as the following shall be strictly prohibited:


-Human trafficking through online contacts.


-Drug trafficking through this platform.


-The commission of crimes against sexual freedom and indemnity.


-Incitement to crime by other members of the community.


-Use fictitious or non-existent data to serve ads.


-Dissemination of defamations, slander, insults and / or content or propaganda of a racist, xenophobic nature, in defense of terrorism or that violate human rights.


-Induce other users of the platform to make mistakes, in order to make them commit crimes.


-Lying when “reporting” an ad to remove ads without just cause.


-Spread messages that violate the dignity of third parties.


-Use robots, spiders, “scrapers” or any other automatic means to access the Portal to copy, withdraw, renew or publish content without prior consent


-Store through the use of computer means data inherent to the service provider or other users.


-The provision of truthful and convincing personal data is an act entirely at the will of the advertiser.


-The service provider, in this case erosface, will be exempt from any responsibility inherent to the publication by the advertiser of false data about a product or services that it promotes on our platform.




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