You might be surprised to learn that some of men’s sexual fantasies are not even close to being what you imagine. And the fact is that men’s intimate tastes seem to be “evolving” and going a little bit out of what was the “normal pattern” until a few years ago.

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While before what men were looking for most in online sex was directly related to busty, big-assed and very hot women, apparently the trend is changing. They seem to have interests that go beyond conventional sex.

Although some of the more primitive tastes remain. For example, when it comes to pornography, many of the gentlemen still lean toward oral sex, in acts where they are the recipients.

Men’s sexual fantasies also continue to include acts of submission. As you can imagine, most men are extremely eager to find that submissive woman who is able to put her body at their disposal and fulfill their fetishes and fantasies.

What do the Statistics say about men’s sexual fantasies?

But, as we mentioned, when it comes to men’s sexual fantasies, the trend is changing. According to a study conducted by porn service provider PORHUB during the 2020s, men now have new preferences when it comes to browsing the platform.

In Porhub’s rating, the truth is that there is a lot to cut through. Perhaps the first surprise is that for the year 2020, women were the ones who surfed the platform the most, 78%, over men who only represent 68% of the users for the web platform. Something you surely did not expect.

On the other hand, porhub also revealed that browsing preferences by age seem to be more segmented, and obviously there is an increasing number of younger men who satisfy their needs through porn content on the web.

Prefer teen category

I don’t know if you expected that for men the teen category is above porn actresses, movies or big tits but it really is so. It seems that among men’s sexual fantasies, the possibility of fucking with young girls and even teenagers is the protagonist, and it is much more exciting if they are able to see how they lose their virginity.

They are also inclined to milf

It may seem as contradictory to you as it does to me. But, apparently, most men dream of seeing teenagers having sex, while another strong amount of them, or maybe in turn, also enjoy seeing women a little older.

According to surveys that are disseminated by the same platform, most of these gentlemen want to see how experienced women are uninhibited in bed and enjoy without taboos the sexual act.

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The other pursuit that figures among men’s sexual fantasies is Mom.

Perhaps it refers to watching older women with voluptuous bodies have sex. Many prefer the videos in which young men choose to fuck their friends’ moms without any mercy.

And although the mom category is not considered “mature”, the truth is that they combine the best of milf and maduritas to offer men a real sexual spectacle. Within this category, some men also seek sex with pregnant women, which is a common intimate fantasy, as they tend to be much hornier than in hormonal conditions without any alteration.

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