Today, technology makes it possible to have Virtual sex with your partner thousands of miles away, whether you’re in love or just looking to have fun with an anonymous partner.

Without a doubt, the world has changed in the last decade, with new technologies emerging all the time and changing the way we interact with each other.

And that’s not just in person: advances in virtual sex have made it possible to use your phone, computer or other devices to connect with a like-minded partner (or partners) and get down to business without having to be physically together.

With the advent of high-speed Internet and mobile technology, many people are having virtual sex with their partners or people they’ve just met, either to enhance their relationship or simply as another way to cum.

Here’s what you need to know about virtual sex and how to do it safely to make your experience as fun and pleasurable as possible!

What is virtual sex exactly?

It is more than just sexting, i.e., it is more than just saying obscene words for sexual encounters via chat or sending provocative photos via chat.

It can include video chatting, masturbating in front of your partner during a video chat session, or watching porn together. There is no reason to feel threatened or weird about virtual sex. All kinds of people like it, from young teens to older people who want to get turned on and share an intimate moment with their partner.

It’s not just webcam sex either, as it can also be written sex, i.e. just chatting. Exchanging emojis, tender or obscene words; or even having phone sex, only through our voices, giving instructions, or describing some provocative situation that fills you with pleasure. Dating sites are very helpful when you don’t know someone to have virtual sex with.

In short, virtual sex is all that sexual encounter but in a digital space, the way you want to have these digital sexual encounters, you choose it together with your partner.

Introducing you to virtual sex.

No hay una serie de reglas para poder iniciarte en esta práctica, pero sí algunos consejos que deberías considerar, primero que todo permítete relajarte y así poder avanzar paso a paso. Quizá se sienta extraño al principio, te atacan los nervios o la pena, tienes que olvidarte de todo eso y dejarte llevar.

El que sea virtual no significa que vas al grano, al contrario, debes prepararte como si fueras a tener un encuentro presencial. Toma nota de lo siguiente:

Take a virtual sex shower

It is important that just as when you are going to have a face-to-face sexual encounter, you clean yourself and take care of your hygiene, you also do it if it is virtual. This way you connect with your body, you are prepared; you relax with a shower, you feel better about yourself and you feel clean. Ready to meet.

Get Ready on Virtual Sex

After taking a shower, you can choose to perfume yourself, choose sexy intimate garments, comb your hair, place aromatherapy in the place where you are, music for the moment, dim the light, all this will give sensuality to the encounter.


Everything else that remains is to make what you both have in your imagination come true. Once you have chosen the digital medium for virtual sex, be it chat, video or other, it is now up to you what to do. For example, masturbate each other, say sexual words, play sex games, have sex toys, dance in a sexy way, watch a porn movie, say what you are wearing, how you feel, describe your body, tell each other what you want to be touched or do.

What are some safety precautions?

On the Internet privacy can never be guaranteed, you must keep this in mind, the other person can record you, take screenshots, etc, even if it is someone you know or someone you trust. So you must keep this in mind, that the information can be disclosed.

You must first talk to this person with whom you will practice virtual sex and make a consensus, say that it is allowed and set limits. Although this does not guarantee privacy.

Choose an encrypted digital medium to have these encounters, use a device that is yours personally and not a shared one.

The next time you have a sexy idea, suggest to your partner to try it with technology. He or she will be surprised and excited by the possibilities of virtual sex.

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