If you have wondered what is a fetish is and what is behind these practices in terms of sexuality, surely it is because you have begun to feel curious to try new alternatives in order to diversify your sexual satisfaction.
However, originally, the word fetish is not directly linked to sexuality. In fact, in its beginnings, it was linked to religion and has its origins in mystical ethnicities.

It was said that a fetish was a special object that some religious ethnic groups kept as an offering to pay homage to the gods. Later, men began to worship these special objects linked to their beliefs and thus received the name of fetishes.
So, fetishes are physical things, used as objects of devotion, after considering that they had magical or supernatural characteristics.

These fetishes were widely used in American Indian and African ethnic groups. It was believed that the powers of these objects were able to “protect” people, which is why they were revered and respected.

So what is a sexual fetish?

Derived from the same principles, the sexual fetish is understood as an act in which the body of the partner or a member of it is worshipped.

The first who wanted to understand what a fetish is, in sexual terms, was the famous psychologist Sigmund Freud. Fetishism within sex is attributed to him.

According to Freud, it is a sexual manifestation that is immersed within the paraphilias and consists of rendering special worship to some part of the human body.

But, in addition to body parts, the psychologist explains that human beings also have fetishes towards objects. These also cause a higher and more demanding sexual pleasure, since they go directly to the point of their physical and sexual pleasure.

Fetishism in sadomasochism

In the sexual practice with sadomasochism, particular objects can be involved to increase the level of arousal. This is why it is said that this practice is closely linked to the famous fetishism.

In sadomasochism, the partners in the sexual relationship involve objects that are useful to them to feed their hunger for sex and help them become aroused to a higher level than traditional sex practice.

But in addition, many sadomasochists involve parts of the body that they “worship” in the sexual encounter that are not part of the genital area, such as feet, hands, women’s hair or nails.

Other basic examples of objects used within sexual fetishism are precisely the erotic costumes, disguises, special toys, whips, handcuffs, ropes, shoes, and other elements that are not of physical stimulation such as vibrators that are not considered within the objects of fetishism.

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